Monday, November 30, 2009

Information Technology: 4 week class

Information Technology
My "advanced" information technology course just started last week. It's 3 hours long every Tuesday (8:30 am) and Wednesday (4pm).
The class isn't normally available to exchange students since there's not enough room in the computer labs, so French students have priority. But, somehow, they managed to save one small spot for me in class ! Yay !
Class #1 got off to a rough start because there were 35+ students in the class and only 18 computers, but the prof had half of the students go to the computer lab next door after he lectured for an hour. We're currently working on Microsoft Access. Thankfully I'd already been introduced to this program in my AU IT class with Prof. Melander :) Class #2 was the same, the poor professor flip flopped between the two rooms lecturing and answering questions, but all in all, we covered the entire lecture and I successfully printed out an Access chart for a bouquet shop.
Tomorrow we have a test over what we learned...

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