Monday, November 16, 2009


Delightfully placed in the lobby of buildings G and B are the fabulous Miofino coffee machines! For just 50 cents you can purchase an entire cup of coffee, hot chocolate, latte, café au lait, café aux noisettes, café au caramel, soup, mint tea, and so much more!
This is definitely something AU should invest in. The lines for Miofino coffee machines at RBS are always long, but the wait is always short; it only takes a total of 12 seconds to get your coffee as soon as you step up to the machine (including payment). Great maintenance means there's never a shortage of coffee!
What's great about Miofino's coffee is that it doesn't taste cheap (in my opinion!). It has the same taste (if not better!) than the coffee or caramel latte I buy in Pura Vida or Starbucks.
Another fantastic perk is that some machines in public places take credit cards - perfect for students who don't have cash handy. Does this mean that there could be the possibility of sticking an EagleBuck swiper on a Miofino machine?! According to the website, "Consumers can also use their mobile phone to pay in trains stations in Switzerland and Austria."
How cool is that?
Moreover, AU students might also like this company because of their dedication to the environment. Here are some clips from the Selecta website:

To reduce the 50 million miles per annum travelled by our merchandisers across the Group, by at least 10% over the next two years, therefore leading to a reduction in our carbon footprint.

To reduce the carbon emissions and waste we produce by developing minimum environmental standards across different areas of our business including recycling and waste, transport and machine development.

All new models must have, as a minimum, a 20% reduction in energy consumption versus the previous model. In addition, new machines must have a minimum of 10% recycled materials. We also aim to purchase over 90% of our machines from production companies with ISO14001 accreditation.

We have invested over 1.5m euros in developing an automated route planning system which creates more efficient routes for our merchandisers to follow. This will lead to a reduction in the total miles travelled between sites whilst optimising machine visits, leading to greater consumer satisfaction.

We will also be running a field test with our Public Vending machines, using LED lights which should reduce energy usage by 15% versus the current models already in the field.Please bring Miofino to AU campus!


aux noisettes

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