Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rouen Business School Inauguration !

Hello AU students, and the rest of the world !

My first Kogod in France blog post: Le Groupe ESC devient...Rouen Business School !
I think it is appropriate to begin with introducing Rouen Business School - its name is brand new! The school was previously called Groupe ESC Rouen (école supérieure de commerce). I had the privilege of attending the Rouen Business School inauguration in early September. It was to celebrate the school's new name and logo. Visitors from all over came to for the event, and volunteer RBS students gave campus tours. Refreshments, archery, and other activities were available on the lawn in front of the Château.

The evening officially began with a few different speakers, which kicked off the balloon release! Balloons of RBS official colors floated away to the tune of Viva la Vida, carrying students' thoughts and wishes for other people around the world (see video at end of post). Each balloon had a small round card attached that RBS students had written on a few days before the ceremony.


le château

view of bâtiment E from bâtiment G

RBS is technically located in Mont Saint Aignan, a suburb of Rouen, but the city is only a 10-15 minute bus ride from here.

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